Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a heck of a long time since my first/first post! I guess I just sorta for got about this. Anyway, I'm back, with some blender stuff. The first is of a project I've been working, it's called "GANYMEDE: Journey to The Planet". It's the story about a man and his son who traveled from another planet from the future.(mostly due to the death of his wife and a war happening in the part of the galaxy his planet his planet inhabited) The story starts about April/May of 2001, just a few months before the 9/11 thing. Weston Starhill, the main character, was a professor where he came from, but is a bit absent-minded, so he came back to the planet of his ancestry to about the year 1995, not realizing that he would soon be seeing the same things happening, as he did on his planet,(wars and stuff, as i mentioned the 9/11) if even just be TV and such, he just couldn't bare it. And he can't return to his own, or another, time. ANYWAY, to make a long story short, he gits the idea from his son to build a rocket(using future technology) to go to the moon of Jupiter, Ganymede - hence the title - to escape...

So these are some shots from the opening scene in the animation. It's a flashback of Weston's, showing where he came from:

Kastro, a gas giant in Weston's solar system.

Weston's planet of berth Manu, and the part of the war happening in space.(still some things to do to this scene)

There are some kinks to take out, I know. Since I rendered these images II've seen better ways to give the impression of a flashback.

And Just another render. This is a render I made a few months ago, but decided to mane Anaglyphic(Wikipedia Page) version of the image, after seeing this great tutorial. Get your 3D glasses out! :D

Anyway, I can't say when I'll post again, as much of the time there's stuff in real life that is more important. Thanks for reading! :-)

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