Monday, July 11, 2011

Terraluna(Terraformed Moon)

Recently I started this thing about terraforming, which is making an uninhabitable planet - like say Mars or our Moon - inhabitable. (However, terraform is not an already Earth-like planet, it means a planet that has become such because of technological tampering, witch humans haven't done yet) I have so far terraformed Mars and now our Moon - in blender.

Although incomplete (especially the clouds) I like the out come so far. I did this - with a few tips from Andrew Price's Earth Tutorial - by first adding a sphere, and then taking a map of the moon I found on the NASA site, and found a black and white elevation map of the moon, which I used as a bump map for the sphere. Then I made a water material and using the material nodes, I used the bump map to isolate where the land meets the water. Then I copied the Moon material and using different cloud textures turned it dirt-brown and green. and, once again using material nodes, combined the original Moon material with the brown and green one. and then made a material for the clouds and added it again with material nodes.(witch is one way where my technique differs from Andrew,s) And then added the atmosphere the way Andrew did,(and of course don't forget the sun!) and voila! You have a terraformed Moon, Terraluna!

The clouds are still not quite satisfactory, and I have a few things I wanna fix here and there, but I like the result so far and and just thought I'd share.

So by for now, thanks for reading, and comments are more then welcome! :D


  1. I'd like to see the surface if possible.

    1. I actually made this a long time ago, and not sure if I still have the file somewhere. The surface probably wouldn't look like much, as all this is is a sphere with a moon texture image mapped onto it, and then with the colors manipulated. However, I have made a Terraluna II, which will hopefully look better then this old one. Although it's not finished, I may take a scene of a specific environment of the moon and terraform it. Someday.
      Hay, thanks for your comment!