Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My First Blog!

I love drawing creatures I come up with for planets I've made. I have so far made at least eight planets, and I estimate I have made at least two hundred creatures. But how and when did it all get started?

Well, my mom says 'I never scribbled,' that I 'just drew pictures'. So I guess I just always had a little of a talent for drawing, I think I get that from my dad's side of the family. But as I got a little older, and as my drawing skills improved a little, I started wondering if there were other planets with life out there. then I started making drawings of what I thought might be out there.
Example of one of my old drawings
As time went on the creatures just kept coming and coming, soon - as I mentioned before - I had about eight planets, each with there own set of creatures.
Here are some of the planets and creatures I've made:

W1(temporary name)
Considered the most earth-like planet(As far as the fauna), "W1" has many creatures that resemble earth's animals, particularly the mammals.
Probosi-Leo a deinotherium-like carnivore.

"the mollusk planet"
Yet to be named, the "mollusk planet" is a planet that I based on mollusks, whitch are animals such as octopuses, snails, slugs, and oysters.

The home of the Mara-Faghia, the first known space travelers.(I will have a blog with information about the Mara-Faghia)

Thank you for reading this first of my blog, hopefully of many to come!

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