Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From the Furaha Blog: Creating a planet (using Celestia)

I've been following a blog by Gert van Dijk, and his site, about his fictional planet lifeforms. A month or so ago I found a program called Celestia which allows you to explore known planets, stars, and galaxies In real time! I've also been slowly working on a renewed version of my boring old ringed planet avatar that I made in gimp 'years ago', :p By dissecting maps of Earth and applying the map to a sphere in blender. 

In his blog I linked you to, he shares a few tips of how he made a map of his planet, Furaha, to be seen in Celestia. What caught my eye was how he so easily resolved the problem of stretching textures near the poles by using a tool, in photoshop I guess, but I also saw it is in the free program Gimp, which I use. If you want to make planets, you may learn a thing or two from Gert's blog post. take a look at it!

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